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Three-Day Summer Itinerary

Looking for things to do in alyeska all year round?

Experience all the best weather, wildlife and sightseeing that Alaska has to offer. The Midnight Sun appears during summer, gilding Alaska’s open nature in soft golden glows. With so much to do and see, the concierge team at Alyeska Resort has created an unforgettable multi-day summer itinerary to eliminate your time spent planning for more time spent exploring.

Day 1 – Morning – Summer Seward Dog Sled Tour

70°, Alaskan huskies AND sledding on your first day? Is this paradise?! For 1.5 hours, meet the winner of the 2021 Iditarod, Dallas Seavey and his skilled huskies. Ride 2 miles toward the base of Resurrection Mountain on the Seward Dog Sled Tour while learning about Alaska’s favourite sport. Navigating twists and turns, man’s best friend exhibits a powerful display of muscle, coordination, intelligence and teamwork. 

Noon – Alyeska Aerial Tram & Café

Now that you’ve explored Alaska’s terrain by ground, take the Aerial Tram to the top of Mt. Alyeska. On your three to seven-minute smooth climb up the mountain, you’ll be able to spot moose and bears grazing the forest floor. The Tram transports you from lush greens to the rugged terrain of the Chugach Mountain range with endless views of mountain ranges in all directions. The sightseeing doesn’t stop there as you enjoy the three P’s of life – pasta, pizza and paninis – at the Tramway Café.

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Afternoon – Hike the Alyeska Winner Creek Trail

There is nothing like the tranquility that settles over you when wandering through Alaska’s pristine terrain. The Alyeska Winner Creek Trail will make you feel like a winner upon entering your own personal northern rainforest. After a delicious lunch, at the base of the Alyeska Aerial Tram, follow the boardwalks as lush vegetation shrouds rushing water. As you climb through hemlock forest and through alpine passes, all there is to say is wow! If you’d like a more private trail, traverse the Virgin Creek Trail. Accessible from the end of Timberline Drive, velvety green moss paves the way to the 15 ft. Virgin Falls.

Dinner – Five Star Dining at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant

The Sun may be descending elsewhere, but during Alaska’s summer, the Sun lasts all evening as you continue to soak up the views. Alyeska’s five-star Seven Glaciers restaurant provides a dramatic mountain and glacier backdrop from the sky. With world-class food, an epic day is paired with the best local food. Featuring an award-winning wine list, Alaskan tastes are transported to your plate via locally grown ingredients including Alaska king crab, Alaska weathervane scallop and Alaska salmon.

Evening – Recharge at the Spa at Alyeska

Not that you need a reason to enjoy a full relaxation massage, but you’ve been sledding, climbing, hiking and indulging! It’s your Alaskan wilderness getaway and a spa day is essential to recharge for the excitement awaiting the next day’s journey. Upgrade your massage with aromatherapy as you are transported to the ultimate zen haven.

Day 2 – Morning – Panoramic Flightseeing

Yesterday morning, you explored Alaska’s teeming wilderness from the ground. Today, you’ll be saying “lift-off!” on your private air safari. Before buckling up, enjoy your favourite breakfast at the Pond Cafè or order room service for warm plates of nutrition-packed energy. Wonder coats the air as all of Alaska’s glory is visible. Soar above rainforest tundra bursting with dense forest guarded by jagged mountains and glassy glaciers. There are a variety of flightseeing tours to choose from and our Alyeska concierge can recommend tours of 30 minutes to three hours to suit your schedule!

Afternoon – Zoom Down Biking Trails

Take a downhill biking tour with an Alyeska tour guide as you turn through magnificent mountains and coast above glacier-fed lakes. Alyeska Resort offers eight different downhill mountain bike lessons, so if you fall in love with the technicalities of biking, we wouldn’t blame you for changing up this itinerary to rent a bike and cruise through more routes! The Bear Cub Quad ‘Give It a Try’ program is perfect for your child to try mountain biking for the first time. We promise that if you want your kids to go on biking adventures with you, this lesson will convince them.

Dinner – Try Wold Cuisine with Alyeska’s Dinner Series

Just because you’re in Alaska, it doesn’t mean you can’t try other cuisines! Take a trip on your trip with Alyeska’s dinner series. Featuring cuisines from all over the world, give your taste buds as much attention as you’ve given your eyes. Previously, dinner destinations have featured Korea’s culinary arts with emphasis on kimchi dishes and stir fry while Russia’s menu highlighted tempura duck egg in an olivier salad and crab dumplings.

Day 3 – Morning – Alyeska’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Your last day is just as action-packed as the previous two. We’ve pencilled in Alyeska’s vinyasa flow yoga class to unite the spectacular experiences you’ve had with a 75-minute retreat. Utilize your change of scenery to channel Alaska’s peaceful, quiet scenery. Music and poetry are used to deepen your movements and focus your mind.

Afternoon – Get Off the Grid in Girdwood

Your last pit stop is to experience Alaska’s small-town charms in Girdwood. Spend the rest of your last day within a town that beautifully accentuates nature’s defining elements. Reach Girdwood from the Alyeska Resort via the free Glacier Valley Transit. Grab a scoop at the ice cream shop – we hear the fireweed and honey flavour is amazing! With your cold treat, stroll through Girdwood’s shops. If you wanted to know what tax-free shopping is like – Alaska charges no sales tax on your purchases! 

The liberating solitude of Alaska is the secret gem travelers go for a breathtaking reprieve. With a way of life flowing around nature’s untouched atmosphere, the wilderness reminds us of the pure beauty in just living. This ambitious itinerary is for the go-getters who want to experience as much of Alaska as possible in three days. With the perfect amount of thrilling adventure, exquisite dining, rejuvenating relaxation and culture, you’ll feel like you went on a spa retreat, culinary tasting and a weekend warrior power trip!

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Aerial Tram

Ski & Snowboarding

While on the slopes, you will see people using alpine skis, telemark skis, snowboards, and other snow play equipment such as snow skates, snow bikes and adaptive ski gear. You will see skiers of all levels – from beginners enjoying their first day on the slopes to expert skiers with years of experience. It is always your responsibility, regardless of the equipment used or the level of skier that you are, to be courteous to others and to be aware that skiing safely makes the ski slopes safer for all of us.

Alyeska is a large mountain with difficult and dangerous terrain and skiing and riding are dangerous sports.  We do our best to inform guests of the possible hazards associated with snow sports. We do our best to mark hazards and dangerous terrain appropriately. We also actively open and close certain areas of the mountain often due to Snow Safety considerations, ski conditions, or darkness

Our beginner ski zones and high skier traffic areas are important to us and we refer to these areas as “Slow” zones. We label them as such on our trail maps and with signs and banners as you ski through each of these areas. We encourage guests to ‘Go with the Flow’ in these areas, ski only as fast as the skier next to you. Our least favorite part of the job is to be the police on the mountain. We do our best to keep an eye on people skiing around to ensure everyone is skiing safely and within their limits.

Alyeska has set Enforcement Guidelines based on the Skier Responsibility Code and Mountain Safety Concerns for behavior on the mountain. When an individual crosses these lines, we have to step in and be the police, and we have no tolerance for unsafe behavior at Alyeska. We have a relationship with the Department of Natural Resources and due to this relationship we issue DNR citations to individuals in violations of certain rules. In addition to loss of lift privileges and fines we also require all ‘violators’ to take the Mountain Education Test, a tool used to help educate.