Four-Day Spring Itinerary

April and May offer the most unique, lively months to visit Alaska. Travel during this time is less crowded than the peak of summer and visitors delight in a secluded getaway while experiencing the best of Alaska as winter melts away. 

In April, the days get noticeably longer as the characteristic cold of the season warms to create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor activity! Travelers enjoy spring’s welcoming bloom as Alaskans celebrate. 

As the seasons shift gears, travelers can expect a truly authentic Alaskan experience. If you’ve been thinking about an affordable, private and epic outdoor 4-day adventure to explore all Alaska has to offer, April and May are the months for you! Alyeska Resort is offering a Third Night Free in the Spring Package. Our Alaskan resort has created a 4-day action-packed itinerary to show you just how much Alaska you can experience for the price of two nights at our world class resort!

Day 1 – Land


A four day adventure to the untouched beauty of Alaska is everything you need to relax, set your soul free and explore to your heart’s content. Away from the bustling city and the stresses of everyday work, you’ll experience Alaska from the ground on your first day in true Alaskan style.

Lunch – Sitzmark Bar & Grill

While Alaska is world-renowned for its natural beauty and serene landscapes, it is also well known for its fine dining experiences. Start your trip off with hearty food that will keep you well fed for the day’s excitement. Sitzmark Bar & Grill has delicious food to energize you for your day out – chicken wings, nachos, our wagyu Sitz burger, beef dip on a pretzel bun and fried cheese curds. We promise that while you stay at Alyeska Resort, you won’t have the same thing twice (unless you loved it so much the first time you had to go back for seconds)!

Afternoon – Wildlife Viewing 

There is perhaps nowhere in the world with better wildlife viewing possibilities than Alaska. On your first day here with us, dive right into what makes our state so unforgettable with a trip to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center  where coyotes, grizzlies, bison and bald eagles all compete for your attention. The orphaned and injured animals at the Center help provide visitors with a vital education into natural habitats of our wonderful state.

Dinner – Aurora Bar & Grill

After a day with some furry new friends, Alyeska Resort has a few surprises cooking up at Aurora Bar & Grill. Give your palette as thrilling an experience as your dogsled ride with our Alaskan halibut, caribou meatloaf, Thai squash curry, duck fat fries or calamari and rock shrimp! We recommend trying our New York cheesecake or mulled maple crème brûlée.

Evening – Northern Lights Viewing & Stargazing 

Alaska’s clear night sky delivers incomparable beauty. You’ll find that stargazing is as relaxing as a visit to the spa as you rest your mind while beholding the wonders of the cosmos. Witnessing the Northern Lights is probably on your bucket list. April nears the end of the Aurora Borealis’ peak season in Alaska, so view it while you can!

Day 2 – Water 

Breakfast – Aurora Bar & Grill 

You have an exciting day ahead of you that will focus on some of Alaska’s most spectacular water activities! Indulge in your favorite breakfast delights with specialty omelets, a stuffed cinnamon chip french toast, backcountry burrito or mountain man hash at Aurora Bar & Grill.

Morning – Drive to Seward, Alaska 

The spectacular setting of the bay at Seward is the launch point for the most amazing whale watching cruise. To get there requires approximately 2.5 hours driving each way– but worry not! The drive in and of itself will be a highlight of your trip. The highway takes you right through a mountain range and dense forest that showcases some of the very best in Alaskan alpine scenery. The descent into Seward is then characterized by the glistening waters beckoning you to your adventure for the day.

Afternoon – Whale Watching Cruise 

April calls home many of Alaska’s great whales from migration. Humpback, Orca and Gray whales are an unforgettable treasure of Alaska’s waters. Spend the afternoon on a whale watching cruise gliding through Resurrection Bay, surrounded by towering ice-blue glaciers as you spot orcas, humpbacks and gray whales, sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals and bald eagles. Whale watching offers an intimate glimpse into the lively ecosystem of Alaska’s aquatic environment. Under the blue sky, surrounded by ice glaciers and the aquamarine water, you’ll find unforgettable memories.

Dinner – Sakura Asian Bistro

The drive home will fly by with the return journey being just as spellbindingly beautiful. Once back at the resort, a wonderful dining experience is waiting for you at Sakura Asian Bistro. As Alaska is home to some of the world’s best seafood, a trip here wouldn’t be complete without trying the signature dishes of seasonal fish, king crab and Alaskan seafood. Sakura Asian Bistro prepares the freshest sushi imaginable, enhanced with a modern spin.

Day 3 – Air 

So you’ve explored our base camp via land and got to see Alaska’s nature up front with some whale watching while fine dining your way through the day AND squeezing in some relaxation. Alaska is a state that often surprises visitors with its unique landscapes. Today, you’ll be experiencing Alaska from the sky!

Breakfast – Tramway Cafe 

Enjoy breakfast at our cozy Tramway Cafe. We recommend trying a cup of locally-based Kaladi Brothers coffee with our baked goods.

Morning – Flightseeing 

We have to admit, though dog sledding on a glacier is amazing, no view beats the one you’re about to witness from a helicopter! Up close, Alaska’s scenery is dramatically powerful. From a birds’ eye view, the mountains, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and wildlife that make up Alaska’s natural mosaic is simply breathtaking. Alyeska Resort offers a variety of flightseeing tours. Fly through Girdwood on a Prince William Sound Glacier Tour or Discover Denali by Plane to view the tallest mountains in North America.

Lunch – Bore Tide Deli & Bar and Aerial Tram

Our Third Night Free Spring Package includes a scenic ride aboard the Aerial Tram until April 25th. After taking to the skies, you’ll be traveling to new heights once again to reach our Bore Tide Deli & Bar for lunch. Take a three to seven-minute tram ride to the top of Mount Alyeska. You’ll enjoy comfort food of Alyeska bison chili, chicken tenders, french dip, fish and chips or pulled pork from 2,300 feet in the air. Every meal at Alyeska is memorable; the Bore Tide Deli & Bar hosts spectacular views of Turnagain Arm, hanging glaciers and the Chugach Mountain range. You truly are in the heart of unforgettable Alaska at Alyeska Resort!

Afternoon – Spring Skiing 

Boasting 450″ of snow this season, Alyeska will have the best spring skiing conditions! Daily skiing will be available all of April, while weekend skiing will be available until May 21. There is nothing like skiing in warmer weather with the sun shining and the endless views creating the perfect backdrop. If you are new to skiing and have always wanted to take it up, or just need to refresh your skills, we offer private lessons for all ages and skill sets.

Dinner – Seven Glaciers or Room Service

If you visit us before May 1, make sure to finish your ski day with dinner at Seven Glaciers restaurant, one of the gems of Alyeska Resort, having received the AAA Four Diamond Award. Combine the views of flight seeing with a world-class 3 to 4 course tasting menu and have your dinner at 2,300 feet above the sea. Otherwise, you may choose to experience our delicious room service menu as you decompress in the comfort of your room before your evening at the spa.

Evening – Nordic Spa 

After a day on the slopes, relax in your own oasis at Alyeska Nordic Spa! Indulge in massage therapy from aromatherapy and deep tissue focus to CBD add-ons and side-by-side couples treatments. 

The five-star spa experience set in the heart of Alaska’s outdoors on the beautiful Alyeska property provides visitors an opportunity to enjoy a 50,000 sq. ft. series of outdoor hot, warm, and cool Hydrotherapy pools and wellness experiences. Guests with reservations for Hydrotherapy Access can relax and unwind for up to 12 hours a day. 

Day 4 – Alaska 360 

After enjoying a third night (on us), this day is yours for the taking! You’ve explored Alaska by land, water and air, and we recommend that before your departure, you experience the culture of Girdwood.

Breakfast – Room Service 

There’s something about breakfast in bed that makes the meal that much better. Order the breakfast of your dreams with room service. We offer a wide selection of traditional and Alaskan dishes. Try the catch omelet with Alaskan crab or the hunter omelet with reindeer.

Morning – Explore Girdwood and Gold Mining 

Girdwood is a small, charming town situated within Alaska’s temperate coastal rainforest. Spend the morning browsing the town, its shops and try your hand searching for gold at Crow Creek Mine!

Lunch – Girdwood 

Girdwood offers a variety of restaurants. We love Jack Sprat restaurant or Chair 5


If you’ve ever been thinking about experiencing Alaska, our Third Night Free Spring Package is the chance to view it all! Get four days and three nights of relaxation, exploration and adventure for the price of three days and two nights. The beauty of Alaska is endless, there are always hidden gems waiting to be discovered. April and May bring many of these to the forefront as winter melts into spring.

Alaska’s Spring Basecamp

This itinerary is just a taste of Alaska’s wonders! Contact our concierge when you book your three nights stay and we’ll build your personalized Alaska 360 itinerary. The Third Night Free Spring Package is valid Sunday through Thursday nights now through May 15th, 2023. 

Alyeska Resort is proud to be Alaska’s basecamp for the most memorable experiences in Alaska. For the activities not offered at our resort, we offer easy access to outfitter services for hassle-free trips. We can’t wait to see what your spring stay looks like!

Three-Day Summer Itinerary

Experience all the best weather, wildlife and sightseeing that Alaska has to offer. The Midnight Sun appears during summer, gilding Alaska’s open nature in soft golden glows. With so much to do and see, the concierge team at Alyeska Resort has created an unforgettable multi-day summer itinerary to eliminate your time spent planning for more time spent exploring.

Day 1 – Morning – Summer Seward Dog Sled Tour

70°, Alaskan huskies AND sledding on your first day? Is this paradise?! For 1.5 hours, meet the winner of the 2021 Iditarod, Dallas Seavey and his skilled huskies. Ride 2 miles toward the base of Resurrection Mountain on the Seward Dog Sled Tour while learning about Alaska’s favourite sport. Navigating twists and turns, man’s best friend exhibits a powerful display of muscle, coordination, intelligence and teamwork. 

Noon – Alyeska Aerial Tram & Café

Now that you’ve explored Alaska’s terrain by ground, take the Aerial Tram to the top of Mt. Alyeska. On your three to seven-minute smooth climb up the mountain, you’ll be able to spot moose and bears grazing the forest floor. The Tram transports you from lush greens to the rugged terrain of the Chugach Mountain range with endless views of mountain ranges in all directions. The sightseeing doesn’t stop there as you enjoy the three P’s of life – pasta, pizza and paninis – at the Tramway Café.

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Afternoon – Hike the Alyeska Winner Creek Trail

There is nothing like the tranquility that settles over you when wandering through Alaska’s pristine terrain. The Alyeska Winner Creek Trail will make you feel like a winner upon entering your own personal northern rainforest. After a delicious lunch, at the base of the Alyeska Aerial Tram, follow the boardwalks as lush vegetation shrouds rushing water. As you climb through hemlock forest and through alpine passes, all there is to say is wow! If you’d like a more private trail, traverse the Virgin Creek Trail. Accessible from the end of Timberline Drive, velvety green moss paves the way to the 15 ft. Virgin Falls.

Dinner – Five Star Dining at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant

The Sun may be descending elsewhere, but during Alaska’s summer, the Sun lasts all evening as you continue to soak up the views. Alyeska’s five-star Seven Glaciers restaurant provides a dramatic mountain and glacier backdrop from the sky. With world-class food, an epic day is paired with the best local food. Featuring an award-winning wine list, Alaskan tastes are transported to your plate via locally grown ingredients including Alaska king crab, Alaska weathervane scallop and Alaska salmon.

Evening – Recharge at the Spa at Alyeska

Not that you need a reason to enjoy a full relaxation massage, but you’ve been sledding, climbing, hiking and indulging! It’s your Alaskan wilderness getaway and a spa day is essential to recharge for the excitement awaiting the next day’s journey. Upgrade your massage with aromatherapy as you are transported to the ultimate zen haven.

Day 2 – Morning – Panoramic Flightseeing

Yesterday morning, you explored Alaska’s teeming wilderness from the ground. Today, you’ll be saying “lift-off!” on your private air safari. Before buckling up, enjoy your favourite breakfast at the Pond Cafè or order room service for warm plates of nutrition-packed energy. Wonder coats the air as all of Alaska’s glory is visible. Soar above rainforest tundra bursting with dense forest guarded by jagged mountains and glassy glaciers. There are a variety of flightseeing tours to choose from and our Alyeska concierge can recommend tours of 30 minutes to three hours to suit your schedule!

Afternoon – Zoom Down Biking Trails

Take a downhill biking tour with an Alyeska tour guide as you turn through magnificent mountains and coast above glacier-fed lakes. Alyeska Resort offers eight different downhill mountain bike lessons, so if you fall in love with the technicalities of biking, we wouldn’t blame you for changing up this itinerary to rent a bike and cruise through more routes! The Bear Cub Quad ‘Give It a Try’ program is perfect for your child to try mountain biking for the first time. We promise that if you want your kids to go on biking adventures with you, this lesson will convince them.

Dinner – Try Wold Cuisine with Alyeska’s Dinner Series

Just because you’re in Alaska, it doesn’t mean you can’t try other cuisines! Take a trip on your trip with Alyeska’s dinner series. Featuring cuisines from all over the world, give your taste buds as much attention as you’ve given your eyes. Previously, dinner destinations have featured Korea’s culinary arts with emphasis on kimchi dishes and stir fry while Russia’s menu highlighted tempura duck egg in an olivier salad and crab dumplings.

Day 3 – Morning – Alyeska’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Your last day is just as action-packed as the previous two. We’ve pencilled in Alyeska’s vinyasa flow yoga class to unite the spectacular experiences you’ve had with a 75-minute retreat. Utilize your change of scenery to channel Alaska’s peaceful, quiet scenery. Music and poetry are used to deepen your movements and focus your mind.

Afternoon – Get Off the Grid in Girdwood

Your last pit stop is to experience Alaska’s small-town charms in Girdwood. Spend the rest of your last day within a town that beautifully accentuates nature’s defining elements. Reach Girdwood from the Alyeska Resort via the free Glacier Valley Transit. Grab a scoop at the ice cream shop – we hear the fireweed and honey flavour is amazing! With your cold treat, stroll through Girdwood’s shops. If you wanted to know what tax-free shopping is like – Alaska charges no sales tax on your purchases! 

The liberating solitude of Alaska is the secret gem travelers go for a breathtaking reprieve. With a way of life flowing around nature’s untouched atmosphere, the wilderness reminds us of the pure beauty in just living. This ambitious itinerary is for the go-getters who want to experience as much of Alaska as possible in three days. With the perfect amount of thrilling adventure, exquisite dining, rejuvenating relaxation and culture, you’ll feel like you went on a spa retreat, culinary tasting and a weekend warrior power trip!

One Day Summer Itinerary

Summer in Alaska is unlike anywhere else in the United States. The daylight is plentiful, the air is clean and the surroundings are pure nature, it truly is something that needs to be experienced first-hand.

A one-day itinerary encompasses stunning views, local trails of the surrounding wilderness, locally sourced cuisine and relaxing options after a day of exploring the wild surroundings.

11 am – Alyeska Aerial Tram to the Top of Mount Alyeska

In the summer months, our tram is a five to six-minute ride with an elevation gain of 2300 feet. Along the way, you will experience jaw-dropping views of the Turnagain Arm, seven hanging glaciers and endless peaks deep into the Chugach Range. Keep your eyes on the lockout for bears, moose and beavers, as you fly overhead. Once at the top, (if you can tear yourself away from the top-of-the-world views) check out the Roundhouse Museum, Alaska’s only mountaintop museum and interpretive center. Learn about the history of Girdwood and how citizens collected enough money to buy the land for the original ski hill!

Noon – Grab a delicious sandwich at the Bore Tide Deli

While you’re at the top of the mountain, swing into the Bore Tide Deli for one of the signature sandwiches, soups and a locally brewed beer or specialty cocktails. The restaurant gets its name from a phenomenon that occurs in very few places on earth, the Turnagain Arm being one of them. With such a large difference between high tide and low tide, the incoming tide creates a standing wave that lasts for over 11 miles and can be just serval inches tall, or several feet tall! 

1:30pm – Winner Creek Trail

One of the most relaxing things to do in the area is to take an easy hike through the hemlock rainforest Alyeska calls home. Winner Creek is a perfect hike for those looking to be surrounded by nature. The 2.5 mile trail winds its way through the moss-covered forest to the confluence of Winner and Glacier Creeks. The Winner Creek Gorge boasts several impressive waterfalls and foot bridges for photo ops. 

Relax before dinner – Spaaaaahhhh

The sun is high most of the day in the summer time but don’t let all of the daylight exhaust you, retreat to the resort for the perfect wind down from the days events with a massage treatment from the Spa at Alyeska. A 50 minute massage will have you feeling great, relaxing your muscles and rejuvenating your mind.


The reward for a day full of activity and adventure is a wonderful meal after the sun goes down. The perfect one-day, Alaskan itinerary at Alyeska Resort is capped off by your choice of health-conscious, seafood fare at Sakura Asian Bistro, or pizza and meat-centric dishes at Aurora Bar & Grill. Your meal will be the perfect place to reflect on the memories made and start planning what your next epic day of Alaska adventures will be!

Beholding the natural wonders which Alaska is blessed with requires a lifetime of passion and commitment; the state and its majesty is that vast and abundant. But a carefully curated one-day itinerary can introduce visitors to the sights, history, culture, cuisine and experiences that keep attracting adventure seekers to the Last Frontier, and Alyeska Resort is the perfect base from which to enjoy it all!

Summer Multi-Day Itinerary

If you’re spending at least a few days at Alyeska Resort– and why wouldn’t you?!– a curated summer itinerary is just what the vacation doctor ordered, to ensure you see and do that which guarantees to make your stay unforgettable. From helicopter scenic flights, to spa days, to world-class hiking and biking to uniquely Alaskan adventures get ready for the vacation you’ll want to repeat every year!

Day 1 – Morning

You checked into the Alyeska Resort last night and had a wonderful sleep. The air in Alaska smells fresh, clean mountain air and fresh ocean air don’t usually come as a package, but Alyeska Resort is blessed to have both! The sun is beaming and it’s a perfect day for a helicopter tour of the area to take in all the wondrous sights. We’ll personalize a helipad on a glacier for you, to step out and take a trek where very few get to go! Many tours include a glacier landing that allow you to get out for a quick walk, make sure to bring an empty water bottle so you can collect some of the freshest water on the planet!


Back at the resort, stop in at the Tramway Cafe, for a quick, delicious lunch to fuel up for an e-bike adventure. An electric motor assist bicycle from Kona Bikes is the perfect way to cruise the surrounding bike paths and trails without exerting all your energy for the day! Tour the great outdoors around the resort and be sure to check out the Gird to Bird bike path which takes riders to Bird Point for breathtaking views of the Turnagain Arm, be sure to watch for wildlife along the way including eagles, moose and even beluga whales! The e-bikes are perfect to fit in extra adventure in the afternoon after your busy morning of flying around. 


Having worked up an appetite, it’s time for the payoff! Sakura Asian Bistro features fresh seafood and meats, creative sushi and delightful cocktails. After your day of sights and exercise, dinner at Sakura will leave you satisfied and ready for your next adventure.


Spaaaahhhhh…you’ve had a pretty hectic two days, arriving at Alyeska, then sights and e-biking. It’s time to indulge in the Spa at Alyeska! Whether a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating facial, time at the spa is a perfect cap to your day.

Day 2 – Morning

Start with an early room-service breakfast of traditional or Alaskan favorites. Today is your jet-ski day, a truly unique adventure! Alaska Wild Guides picks you up at the front door of The Hotel Alyeska and takes you south to the town of Whittier, Alaska, only accessible via a 2.5 mile, single lane tunnel! Once you pop out of the tunnel and enter the harbor area, you grab a dry suit and helmet and take off on a new watercraft for a 50 mile tour of Prince William Sound. While the whole experience is absolutely stunning, stops at Lawrence Glacier, Blackstone Bay and Shotgun Cove are certainly highlights. Watch out for orcas, seal lions and small porpoises as they are frequently spotted in the area. 

After getting your world-class jet ski experience in, take a relaxing couple hours before dinner. Back-to-back spa days anyone?! The expansive Alaskan wilderness flows naturally indoors and rejuvenation knows no boundaries at this northern oasis.


Making sure to hit all the main dinner spots at the resort, check out Aurora Bar & Grill, a bistro with a comfortable family friendly atmosphere serving lunch and dinner daily. Its menu highlights include house-made pastas made daily, locally sourced ingredients, Neapolitan style pizza pies and a variety of meat centric dishes with a Mediterranean flair.

Day 3 – Morning

A trip to Alaska isn’t complete without a mini-Iditarod experience. Dog sled with professional mushers and learn about the history of this unique part of Alaska’s heritage. This day excursion departs from The Hotel Alyeska, and a quick 10 minute flight drops you off on Punchbowl Glacier at Dog Camp! Dogs and mushers camp and train on this glacier all summer long, joining them for a few laps around the 2km track is an unforgettable experience that is uniquely Alaskan! Consult our concierge for tips on this unforgettable experience.


On the way back to the resort, stop at any number of quaint restaurants in Girdwood for some local flavor. After topping up with some fuel after the exhilarating day with the huskies, make sure to visit the local artists co-op at the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts. Local and Indigenous artists demonstrate their flair for capturing the scenery and character of our beloved Alaska, sharing it with all who make the trip.


Now that you’ve experienced the main dinner stops, it’s your time to choose your favorite. If you only tried the hotel restaurants, it’s time for a nighttime trip up the mountain on the Tram to the restaurant in 4 minutes to experience the delicious cuisine. The long daylight hours will make it feel like mid-afternoon even though it’s dinner time! 

With all that’s packed into a three-day itinerary, it’s still not enough time to experience everything that makes Alaska unforgettable. A longer stay will undoubtedly include more fishing, flight-seeing of the surrounding forests and glaciers, and boat tours for a different view of the spellbinding scenery. Take the binoculars; you’re bound to see some whales in the water off the coast!

Your travel bucket list cannot afford to skip Alaska. Unmatched scenery and unique experiences combine to make any multi-day trip to Alyeska Resort one you and your partner or family will want to repeat year after year. Hope to meet you in the Last Frontier!