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Alyeska Resort, Girdwood Alaska

The Ultimate Destination for Alaskan Adventure

Today, Girdwood is a vibrant community and part of the Municipality of Anchorage. Girdwood has a diverse population of outdoor enthusiasts, local businesses, services and Anchorage commuters who thoroughly enjoy its year-round attractions. Complete with a mercantile, post office, many bed & breakfast locations, restaurants & bars, and shops, Girdwood offers natural beauty, convenience and a rich heritage for residents and visitors alike. 


The northern marine coastal climate is surprisingly mild.

Daytime temperatures average in the low 60s in summer and in the 20s to 30s in winter.


Daylight hours range from 7.5 hours in December to nearly 24 hours in June, the time of the midnight sun.

From mid-February to October, Alyeska enjoys more daylight hours than any other location in the continental states.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Temperature 20°F 26°F 32°F 43°F 54°F 63°F 66°F 65°F 57°F 41°F 28°F 20°F
-7°C -3°C 0°C 6°C 12°C 17°C 18°C 18°C 14°C 5°C -2°C -7°C
Daylight 8:29 10:58 13:52 16:20 19:55 24:00 21:36 17:41 14:25 11:17 8:24 7:22

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While on the slopes, you will see people using alpine skis, telemark skis, snowboards, and other snow play equipment such as snow skates, snow bikes and adaptive ski gear. You will see skiers of all levels – from beginners enjoying their first day on the slopes to expert skiers with years of experience. It is always your responsibility, regardless of the equipment used or the level of skier that you are, to be courteous to others and to be aware that skiing safely makes the ski slopes safer for all of us.

Alyeska is a large mountain with difficult and dangerous terrain and skiing and riding are dangerous sports.  We do our best to inform guests of the possible hazards associated with snow sports. We do our best to mark hazards and dangerous terrain appropriately. We also actively open and close certain areas of the mountain often due to Snow Safety considerations, ski conditions, or darkness

Our beginner ski zones and high skier traffic areas are important to us and we refer to these areas as “Slow” zones. We label them as such on our trail maps and with signs and banners as you ski through each of these areas. We encourage guests to ‘Go with the Flow’ in these areas, ski only as fast as the skier next to you. Our least favorite part of the job is to be the police on the mountain. We do our best to keep an eye on people skiing around to ensure everyone is skiing safely and within their limits.

Alyeska has set Enforcement Guidelines based on the Skier Responsibility Code and Mountain Safety Concerns for behavior on the mountain. When an individual crosses these lines, we have to step in and be the police, and we have no tolerance for unsafe behavior at Alyeska. We have a relationship with the Department of Natural Resources and due to this relationship we issue DNR citations to individuals in violations of certain rules. In addition to loss of lift privileges and fines we also require all ‘violators’ to take the Mountain Education Test, a tool used to help educate.