Summer Multi-Day Itinerary

If you’re spending at least a few days at Alyeska Resort– and why wouldn’t you?!– a curated summer itinerary is just what the vacation doctor ordered, to ensure you see and do that which guarantees to make your stay unforgettable. From helicopter scenic flights, to spa days, to world-class hiking and biking to uniquely Alaskan adventures get ready for the vacation you’ll want to repeat every year!

Day 1 – Morning

You checked into the Alyeska Resort last night and had a wonderful sleep. The air in Alaska smells fresh, clean mountain air and fresh ocean air don’t usually come as a package, but Alyeska Resort is blessed to have both! The sun is beaming and it’s a perfect day for a helicopter tour of the area to take in all the wondrous sights. We’ll personalize a helipad on a glacier for you, to step out and take a trek where very few get to go! Many tours include a glacier landing that allow you to get out for a quick walk, make sure to bring an empty water bottle so you can collect some of the freshest water on the planet!


Back at the resort, stop in at the Tramway Cafe, for a quick, delicious lunch to fuel up for an e-bike adventure. An electric motor assist bicycle from Kona Bikes is the perfect way to cruise the surrounding bike paths and trails without exerting all your energy for the day! Tour the great outdoors around the resort and be sure to check out the Gird to Bird bike path which takes riders to Bird Point for breathtaking views of the Turnagain Arm, be sure to watch for wildlife along the way including eagles, moose and even beluga whales! The e-bikes are perfect to fit in extra adventure in the afternoon after your busy morning of flying around. 


Having worked up an appetite, it’s time for the payoff! Sakura Asian Bistro features fresh seafood and meats, creative sushi and delightful cocktails. After your day of sights and exercise, dinner at Sakura will leave you satisfied and ready for your next adventure.


Spaaaahhhhh…you’ve had a pretty hectic two days, arriving at Alyeska, then sights and e-biking. It’s time to indulge in the Spa at Alyeska! Whether a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating facial, time at the spa is a perfect cap to your day.

Day 2 – Morning

Start with an early room-service breakfast of traditional or Alaskan favorites. Today is your jet-ski day, a truly unique adventure! Alaska Wild Guides picks you up at the front door of The Hotel Alyeska and takes you south to the town of Whittier, Alaska, only accessible via a 2.5 mile, single lane tunnel! Once you pop out of the tunnel and enter the harbor area, you grab a dry suit and helmet and take off on a new watercraft for a 50 mile tour of Prince William Sound. While the whole experience is absolutely stunning, stops at Lawrence Glacier, Blackstone Bay and Shotgun Cove are certainly highlights. Watch out for orcas, seal lions and small porpoises as they are frequently spotted in the area. 

After getting your world-class jet ski experience in, take a relaxing couple hours before dinner. Back-to-back spa days anyone?! The expansive Alaskan wilderness flows naturally indoors and rejuvenation knows no boundaries at this northern oasis.


Making sure to hit all the main dinner spots at the resort, check out Aurora Bar & Grill, a bistro with a comfortable family friendly atmosphere serving lunch and dinner daily. Its menu highlights include house-made pastas made daily, locally sourced ingredients, Neapolitan style pizza pies and a variety of meat centric dishes with a Mediterranean flair.

Day 3 – Morning

A trip to Alaska isn’t complete without a mini-Iditarod experience. Dog sled with professional mushers and learn about the history of this unique part of Alaska’s heritage. This day excursion departs from The Hotel Alyeska, and a quick 10 minute flight drops you off on Punchbowl Glacier at Dog Camp! Dogs and mushers camp and train on this glacier all summer long, joining them for a few laps around the 2km track is an unforgettable experience that is uniquely Alaskan! Consult our concierge for tips on this unforgettable experience.


On the way back to the resort, stop at any number of quaint restaurants in Girdwood for some local flavor. After topping up with some fuel after the exhilarating day with the huskies, make sure to visit the local artists co-op at the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts. Local and Indigenous artists demonstrate their flair for capturing the scenery and character of our beloved Alaska, sharing it with all who make the trip.


Now that you’ve experienced the main dinner stops, it’s your time to choose your favorite. If you only tried the hotel restaurants, it’s time for a nighttime trip up the mountain on the Tram to the restaurant in 4 minutes to experience the delicious cuisine. The long daylight hours will make it feel like mid-afternoon even though it’s dinner time! 

With all that’s packed into a three-day itinerary, it’s still not enough time to experience everything that makes Alaska unforgettable. A longer stay will undoubtedly include more fishing, flight-seeing of the surrounding forests and glaciers, and boat tours for a different view of the spellbinding scenery. Take the binoculars; you’re bound to see some whales in the water off the coast!

Your travel bucket list cannot afford to skip Alaska. Unmatched scenery and unique experiences combine to make any multi-day trip to Alyeska Resort one you and your partner or family will want to repeat year after year. Hope to meet you in the Last Frontier!